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COLUMN: LeBron should even the playing field

June 6, 2018

By Danny Picard

BOSTON — No, I don’t think it’s crazy. In fact, it makes too much sense.

LeBron James to Boston. Make it happen.

By all indications, dating back to rumors that began before this season even started, James is going to leave Cleveland for Los Angeles this summer because he owns a house a half hour from the Staples Center. That would leave the Lakers and Clippers as his only options.

But on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith said that James is going to talk to seven teams this summer: Cleveland, the Lakers, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Golden State, and yes, Boston.

“He’s going to have a conversation with Boston,” said Smith, who isn’t the first person to bring up the Celtics when discussing James’ future plans.

On Fox Sports 1 last week, former Celtic Antoine Walker said James should consider wearing Green.

“Now you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but if I were [LeBron], I’m going to Boston,” said Walker. “Yeah, I’m going to Boston. I mean, Kevin Durant did it. Kevin Durant joined the best. And the best team in the Eastern Conference right now would be the Boston Celtics. I would figure out a way to get to Boston, if I’m LeBron James. Even the playing field.

“If I’m Danny Ainge, I’m taking a shot at him,” Walker continued. “I want to even the playing field. If LeBron James is free, I want to even the playing field. And that’s how you even the playing field.”

The more I watch the Golden State Warriors dominate, the more I want to see James in a Celtics uniform. Much like how I wanted to see Kevin Durant choose the Celtics two summers ago. Durant was the best player available. And he chose Golden State.

This summer, if James does opt out of his deal in Cleveland, he will be the best player available. And yeah, I’ll say it, the Celtics should go get him.

Not sure I ever thought these words would come out of my mouth, but, Antoine Walker is right. Danny Ainge and James should team up in order to even the playing field.


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