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COLUMN: I’m Team Belichick

April 18, 2018

By Danny Picard

BOSTON — In case there was any confusion, I’m Team Belichick.

And as we get closer to Training Camp for the 2018 NFL season, I’m becoming more adamant than ever before that Bill Belichick needs to take his team back. I just never thought I’d be turning my back on Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in the process.

On second thought, who’s turning their back on who here?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported this week that Brady has not committed to playing in 2018. All the while, Gronkowski is reportedly still contemplating retirement.

Honestly, if you told me Vince McMahon was calling the shots right now in Foxboro, I’d believe you. This whole thing has a WWE feel to it. The storyline is wild. They’re keeping us guessing. The build-up to this rivalry can only mean one thing: Brady and Gronkowski vs Belichick and Robert Kraft at WrestleMania 35 next year at MetLife Stadium, with Jimmy Garoppolo as the special guest referee.

Seriously though, I can’t read this Schefter report on Brady’s “commitment” to 2018 — or lack thereof — and not think of Hulk Hogan hitting Randy Savage with the leg drop heard ‘round the world back in 1996 at “Bash at the Beach,” to which, color commentator Bobby “The Brain” Heenan yelled, “Hulk Hogan has betrayed WCW!”

That was the night the nWo was formed and professional wrestling changed forever.

I get it, this is the NFL we’re talking about, and Brady isn’t about to storm into Belichick’s office to spray paint “TB12” on his coach’s back after he knocks him out cold. But I’ll keep refreshing instagram just in case.

As I write this, Brady has not made an appearance at the Patriots’ voluntary offseason workouts. Gronkowski has also been absent. And it all comes on the heels of now-former Patriot Danny Amendola crying to ESPN’s Mike Reiss in the back seat of an Uber last weekend, calling out Belichick for not playing Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl and for not wanting to pay his players.


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